Data ASB Raid Zone - Stormrage Mountain General Thread

Chapter 5: The True Threat
The day after I had gone to the Stormrage Depths went with a frightening speed. That night the storms had gotten especially bad in the area near the base. I knew that tomorrow I would need to bring my best and defeat whatever lied at the top of the mountain.

The expedition day came. I packed up for the trip, including four of my most loyal and powerful Pokemon, then headed up the trail to reach the Stormward Gate. Along the way, I met up with Harold again. We chatted, and eventually decided that we would accompany each other to the peak of the mountain.

At the base of the mountain, the doors of the Stormward Gate loomed...

Inviting Dogfish44 To Eye of the Storm (Hard Mode).

Just picking up some artifacts with our obscenely overpowered artifacts. Might put flavor down when I have more time.
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Dogfish kinda needs more raid refereeing experience anyway since he only got three rounds worth so he can referee I guess!
Looking for a partner to basically do a sweep of stormrage mountain, primarily on normal mode, I think. I have no artifacts and I want to change that. I plan on hitting Eye of the Storm first, then the birds and beasts, and then Aero and TTar. PM/VM me if you're interested so we can discuss teams. Also open to trying any of these raids on HM.


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Me and Maxim still lack complete FP teams!

[16:42] <dogfish44> Perhaps go with Gallade @ Paragon, Blissey @ Signet, Lucario @ Collar, and Snorlax @ Bastion?
[16:42] <dogfish44> In a strategy kindly referred to as "Heal everything"
[16:43] <Maxim_6> haha
[16:44] <dogfish44> Then I can go with Beacon Slowking, Bastion Porygon-Z, Pristine Topaz Krilowatt, and... Dual Screen Lightning Stone Electivire =)

And on that note, challenging Frozen Vault HM - Guardian Rechall with Maxim, if you're ok to go Maxim?
Yup I'm ready. Let's do it!

(Not writing flavor until Flower Paradise, due to busyness and wanting to get my raid zone flavor section done.)
Get going, Eternal...

Seeking Partner for Eye of the Storm: Normal. I currently plan on bringing an Electrode and an Ampharos (Mega). Also, I want to take down Lugia first.
Looking for a raid teammate to beat the hell out of all these raids. If you are interested then VM / PM me so we can talk about what we should challenge first.

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